What is Paint Protection Film?

Body-Skins Kits are The Clear Advantage to the car bra and bug shield
Do you hate those awful looking rock chips on the
hood and bumper of your car?

Do you like the idea of a vinyl car bra but don't think
the look is right for your car?

Do you find a conventional car bra just a nuisance to
take care of?

Body-Skins kits are the answer. Virtually invisible and they allow the beauty of your cars paint to shine for years to come. Clear urethane protection that helps protect your car's finish.

Body-Skins stock kits for both domestic and import cars along with motorcycle and motor home kits. We use film developed by the leading manufacturer in the paint protection film industry.

Each kit is precision cut by a computer. This state of the art procedure allows for the utmost best in uniformity and overall fit.

3M Scotchgard Technical Data Sheet (PDF format)


A proud dealer and distributor
of the X-Pel brand of kits.



See how well it works

Select the gravelometer test above to see a streaming video of how well the film really works.



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