Why Use Paint Protection Film?

Protection combined with perfection is our goal.

Have you ever had the idea of using a conventional car bra? Im sure you have and then the second wave comes into mind. It takes away from the look of your car. It is also a maintenance head ache and convetional car bras will fade your paint.

Welcome to the world of Paint Protection Film! I transparant urethane film that is pre-cut to fit the contours of your car, motorhome and even your motorcycle. A virtually invisible conformable film that will help maintain your precious cars paint. If you have ever had to repaint your cars front-end then you are aware of the costs involved. Most pre-cut professionally installed kits are less expensive then repainting the front end of your car. Plus its there to stay and gives you NASCAR protection for years down the road. Maintenance for a clear bra is as fast and easy as the normal routine that you give the rest of your cars paint. Polishing and waxing is encouraged for better performance and will make your job of washing and cleaning a snap.

Body-Skins kits have ultra violet inhibitors to prevent the plastic from reacting to the harmful UV rays. Constiquently the UV rays will be allowed to pass through the urethane and fade your paint normally. Paint Protection Film applied to your vehicle will significantly reduce paint chips and bug damage and will keep your cars finish looking new for years.

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Phone: (847) 530-8443